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    On-Line Consultations

    A Skype consultation with a qualified Medical Doctor of Medicine who has a long experience of treating patients with a variety of different medical conditions, using the best of natural plant based remedies or mainstream medication.

A detailed confidential online consultation with the Holistic Doctor in the comfort of your own home will give you the many options available, including investigations and when necessary referral to a specialist.

Welcome to the Holistic Doctor

Dr. John Moran, based in the UK, has been treating patient’s holistically for the last 35 years. He is a GMC registered Doctor of Medicine and offers you advice on your health problems. He believes in a holistic approach which means he looks at everything that might affect your health and combines that with the best of mainstream medicine and preventive functional medicine.

He continues to work in medicine because he really want patients to have a better quality of life and with his long experience wants you to have all the information and advice that is available in a way that is convenience to you.

His main areas of expertise are:

  • The female menopause
  • Using plant-based bio-identical hormones
  • PMS
  • Other female problems
  • Thyroid disease
  • Gut problems
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases

He also advises many male patient’s with conditions including

  • Loss of sex drive
  • Erectile problems

Functional medicine looks at what is causing your ill health using an empathic listening approach. A wide variety of tests are used that not always available to NHS Doctors.

He is able to recommend referral to a wide variety of specialists in the London area as well as high quality laboratories for investigations. The benefits of having worked with many different specialists will help him to help you be referred to the most appropriate consultant.

If you would like to discuss your health problems confidentially with an experienced holistic doctor of medicine please book an on-line appointment at a time of your choice from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world.

He is happy to advise you on your personal health concerns, to improve the quality of your life.

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