Melatonin Circadian Rhythm

Melatonin – a Remarkable Hormone

Introduction Dr Russel Reiter is a World Authority on the hormone Melatonin and has published many scientific papers in his 50 year career. His findings show that Melatonin is a remarkable human hormone, vital to good sleep but also essential to the maintenance of good health, reproductive biology, cell repair and healing. Artificial Light His […]

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Gut Health and Microbiome

Gut Microbiome A definition of microbiome must include Joshua Lederberg’s definition “the ecological community of commensal, symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms that share our body space and are determinants of health and disease.” The microbes that live in our colon are bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa.  All together they form a complicated eco-system that regulates our […]

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Healthy Skin

The HolistiSKIN

Looking after your skin Ageing decreases antioxidant activity, there is a reduction in SOD (super oxide dismutase) and Catalase, energy cell repair and renewal is diminished and antioxidant enzymes are less available. Dehydration is the largest easily corrected cause of accelerated aging, particularly of the skin. An intake of 2 litres of water per day, […]

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Woman, letter P, hair, Natural Progesterone

Progesterone and it’s Benefits

Progesterone Progesterone is produced from the ovaries and is very low in women until ovulation, when progesterone levels start to rise to a peak at day 20-22 of the menstrual cycle. It declines by 80% in the Peri-menopause (leading up to the menopause) and symptoms of low mood, irritability, and depression can occur. In normal […]

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Oestrogen can support brian function

The Evidence for Oestrogen Replacement

Oestrogen Matters In a  fascinating new book, published in 2018,  Dr Avrum Bluming and Dr Carol Tavris re-examine the evidence for replacing hormones, and in particular Oestrogen, at the start of the Menopause. They conclude that the benefits are significant and that the dangers of HRT have been exaggerated. Key Benefits: Oestrogen replacement may reduce […]

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