The Cancer Revolutiion Book Cover

The Cancer Revolution – A New Book

Dr John Moran is a contributor to the recently published book, The Cancer Revolution in which he writes about the crucial role of hormones and provides an overview of hormone driven cancers, with particular reference to Prostate and Breast cancer.

Prostate and Breast cancer have become more common in the last 50 years, whether this is better diagnosis or other factors such as environmental pollution and the effect on gene expression is still uncertain.

However the good news is that diagnosis with modern equipment has increased survival rates in the last 10 years.

Up –to- date new Mammogram screening equipment, that has less radiation exposure and 3-D better screening, is one of many new ways of discovering breast cancer. Treatment success if found early is much improved and is in the order of 80%.

Prevention is the key to success, as well as early diagnosis and treatment, using nutritional products such as Curcumin and Vitamin D3 and Omega 3 Fatty acids may also aid prevention. However more long term research is needed to prove this hypothesis.

Prostate Cancer effects one in six men in the U.K. but only one in thirty six will die from prostate cancer. Most men will die with prostate cancer in situ, and not from it, but from other causes. Serial P.S.A. and 3T MRI scanning will enable an early accurate diagnosis, followed up with a targeted biopsy of the possible area of suspected cancer.

Treatment options are many, including focal therapy of the cancer with Hi-Fu or Cryotherapy.

Another option is the Pfeifer Protocol, nutritional therapy, either alongside conventional treatment or stand -alone treatment.

The book The Cancer Revolution, Integrative Medicine, The Future of Cancer Care which is available from the “Yes to Life” website by Patricia Peat, with 37 expert contributors is a good alternative guide to treatment.

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