Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction – Effects, Causes & Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) with the inability to gain and sustain an erection has many psychological problems to men of any age. Young men who have had a bad sexual experience on their first few dates, quite often suffer from anxiety performance; too much adrenaline and worry that an erection will not happen or even worse, fail to stay erect and be unable to achieve penetration.

This can also be caused by premature ejaculation also a common problem for men of all ages. As a young man the ability to regain an erection within a short time span is an advantage not always easy as men age. Stop/start technique with or without a partner is a way to improve premature ejaculation. Modern medication is available to help premature ejaculation, together with other techniques to improve performance.

Erectile dysfunction also has many medications that improve the ability to gain and sustain erections. As men get older, after the age of 50 years one in ten men have a problem with erectile dysfunction, increasing by 1 % every year.

A lack of or low Testosterone can also be relevant to gaining and sustaining erections, although unusual below the age of 50 years total testosterone does not decline until a man reaches the age of 70 years. Free Testosterone however can decline at a younger age. It is the 2% that is available as Free Testosterone that is most important to Sex Drive and Erectile function.

Combining a medication to increase the ability to gain and sustain an erection with Testosterone acts in a synergistic way to greatly improve both the erection and increase sex drive.

For more information see Erectile Problems. If you would like further advice or have concerns, then book an online skype consultation with Dr John Moran.

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