Low Testosterone in Men

Low Testosterone in Men

Low Testosterone in MEN has a detrimental effect on lifestyle. Depression, reduced sex drive, poor erections (not as hard as when I was younger). Lack of motivation and no get up and go.

There are many causes of low Testosterone, some medication related, such as anti–depressants, trauma to the Testes or post puberty mumps, abdominal surgery and hernia repair. undescended testes, rarely vasectomy.

Whatever the cause an early morning blood test to measure total and free testosterone as well as SHBG will help to diagnose a low testosterone. Other blood tests done at the same time, will help to rule out other causes of tiredness and low sex drive.

Testosterone also helps with weight reduction if exercise is increased as well as increasing strength.

Low testosterone in men can increase the risk of diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

The response to Testosterone replacement usually takes 3-4 weeks, erections improving in 2-3 months, ejaculation and an increase in penile sensitivity in some men in 3 months.

Testosterone increases Nitric Oxide release that increases blood flow to the penis and also to the coronary arteries.

Where there is good evidence of sustained low testosterone a trial of Testosterone replacement over 3 months is worth a shot, either an intramuscular injection that lasts 2 months or transdermal testosterone.

If you would like further advice or have concerns, then book an online skype consultation with Dr John Moran.


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