Nutrition and Gut Health

Gut dysbiosis, or malfunction of the gut is a common problem in many patients. It is the non-acute symptoms that are not always diagnosed and left untreated. IBS can have many causes as by definition it is inflammatory bowel disease often of unknown cause.

The gut is the second brain, and when out of balance can be a cause of ill health. A “leaky gut” can lead to autoimmune disease or opening up of the blood brain barrier and a disturbance of the complex neurotransmitter system in the brain.

Many of the happy hormone receptors of Serotonin are in the gut as are the receptors for Dopamine, a gut out of balance such as after long term antibiotic administration can wipe out healthy gut bacteria Bifidobacterium and and Lactobacillus. Both the latter are normal healthy inhabitants of the normal gut bacteria and need to be replaced if deficient.

A very useful test to look at gut health is a comprehensive stool test plus parasites, this test looks at how well the gut absorbs and digests nutrients, the number of healthy bacteria, and pathogens and the presence of candida. Parasites if present can also cause ill health.

Often if a cause of ill health is not found a gut test is a good starter test to check if the gut is healthy.