Testosterone Treatments

Testosterone is often low in the Post Menopause and may be one of the causes of low energy and low sex drive.

Testosterone can be measured in the blood and saliva, and if low can be replaced with testosterone, often in the form of a gel or cream.

In women there are other causes of low sex drive including low thyroid function, depression, relationship problems and side effects of medication, particularly anti- depressants.

A painful dry vagina often present in post -menopausal women can be treated easily with topical low dose oestrogens or other non -hormonal preparations.

25% of women on HRT still complain of a dry vagina (Cochrane study 2003) this can be treated.

Men over the age of 50 years may suffer from the Male Andropause and if lacking testosterone will often benefit from a trial of Testosterone, either an injection lasting 2 months or a transdermal preparation.

Evidence from the World conference on ageing males held in Prague in October 2015 suggested EAU guidelines for treating men with low testosterone. An increase in weight is related to low total testosterone, loss of weight increases testosterone, improves cardiovascular health and helps erectile problems.