The Menopause

The Menopause is a time of change, your ovaries stop producing Progesterone, Oestrogen, and Testosterone. The most dramatic fall in the peri-menopause is Progesterone, reducing by 80%, often associated with P.M.S. type symptoms. Falling levels of Oestrogen, causing hot flushes and night sweats. Lack of Testosterone can cause loss of energy and sex drive.

It is not surprising that Depression, Hyperanxiety, and mood swings makes life unpleasant. The good news is that you can do something about it!

I like to think that the menopause is a time to celebrate.

No more concerns about pregnancy (one year after stopping periods) more freedom, the children have left home, therefore more time to indulge in your favourite pastimes.

It is a good time to think of change in a positive way, maybe a job change, travelling to strange and interesting places. A new business?

The symptoms of the menopause can be treated in a variety of different ways:

  • My preference is Plant derived Bioidentical hormones
  • Phyto-oestrogens with or without Progesterone
  • Some herbal medicines
  • Life style changes, type of food and exercise regime
  • Weight control and body toning. Yoga and Pilates
  • Body image, facial lines and wrinkles, and general body shape
  • Mind exercises, mindfulness, meditation

It is also the time to have a general medical check-up, Bone Density Scan, Breast screening, Thermography, Ultrasound or maybe 3-D lower radiation Mammography. Pelvic Ultrasound scanning to check your ovaries, Uterus for fibroids and thickness of the lining of the uterus or any other pathology.

Genetic and cancer risk markers. Oestrogen metabolic markers.
Ovarian cancer markers and others.

Most importantly, Preventative screening and a positive change in life style to keep healthy, active and involved in life to the full.