Tiredness and Adrenal Stress

Tiredness and lack of energy are two of the commonest symptoms that my patients complain about, and of course there are many causes of these symptoms.

One of the symptoms of poor adrenal function is tiredness and low energy often extreme lethargy accompanied by brain fog or the inability to think clearly, this may be transient or long lasting.

The two extremes of adrenal malfunction need to be ruled out, namely Cushing’s syndrome and Addison’s disease.
However there does exist levels of activity of the adrenal gland between the two extremes. This can easily be measured with an Adrenal Stress Test, 4 saliva samples 5-6 hours apart in one day.

This test measures the levels of free Cortisol and DHEA and a marker of gut immunity.

Often the reason for declining levels of adrenal function can be prolonged stress, although adrenal function will decline with age, DHEA decline gradually from the age of 30 years, but with extreme stress levels of Cortisol and DHEA will fluctuate considerably.

Treatment will often be supporting the adrenal gland with nutritional products, occasionally with DHEA if low, rarely with prednisolone.

Dealing with the stress is also most important.